Upcoming Projects and an Announcement!

Upcoming Projects and an Announcement!I love my house.  We bought it a little over 5 years ago, and I still really love it.  It needs a lot of work though.  As in, the whole house needs a makeover.  Literally.  It’s one of the many reasons I decided to start this blog.  Since I’m relatively new to the blogging block, though, I thought I would tell you a bit about why I want to makeover my house, what sort of big projects you can expect over the next few months, and the impetus for a couple of these projects.

I love the structure of my house – the way it’s laid out.  It is very similar to the house that I grew up in.  So, it has always felt like home to me.  The style, however, is just not me.  

I am incredibly fortunate to have amazingly generous parents.  Ever since I moved out of the house for college (many, many years ago…), my parents have been helping me furnish my home(s).  As I have mentioned in the past, my mom is a pro-garage saler.  She has truly found some incredible things over the years for next to nothing.  And she is always on the lookout for stuff for me.  

My husband and I have also both ended up with hand-me-downs from family – furniture that our parents were done with and we were able to acquire at no cost.

When I was younger (i.e. in college and broke/newly married and broke), this was great.  It was such a blessing to be able to have a furnished house without having to spend money that we honestly didn’t have.  At this point, though, we are a bit more stable, and I feel as if I have grown out of a lot of the “stuff” in my house.  

For example, the table and chairs that we currently have in our dining room is a set that my mom picked up at a garage sale approximately 12 years ago.  It was in pristine condition when she purchased it, and it is very nice, heavy furniture.  It has made the journey with me through several homes, as well as multiple states, over the past years.  Is it still in good condition?  Yes.  Does it serve its purpose?  Absolutely.  Is it my style though?  No.  Do I love it?  No.

You see?  And this is just one example.

Now, I was a bit hesitant to write this because I don’t want to sound ungrateful.  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have parents who are as generous as mine are.  But…the truth is, I have outgrown much of what is in my house.  

Therefore, let the redecorating begin!

I have a somewhat ambitious 6 months ahead of me, and here’s why…

We’re expecting!!

That’s right.  I’m due with baby #2 in September.  So, I’m feeling a bit of pressure to get as much done as humanly possible before then, because I know life will come to a screeching halt for a little while after the new one arrives.  

Baby #2 announcement
This was our announcement. We thought this was appropriate, as we are both musicians. Ha!


So, here’s my list of projects…

Master Closet

This one is actually nearly completed.  Woohoo!  This past week, we gutted our master closet and installed a closet system.  My husband and I are both loving the new space!  We still have a bit of organizing and decorating to do, but I’m hoping to get a before and after post up by the end of this month.  Stay tuned!


This is a project that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years.  I asked my dad this past fall if he would be willing to come down at some point over the summer and help with it.  Of course, he said yes.  Yay!

We have carpet that runs up our stairs and throughout the hallway upstairs.  It is terribly ugly and outdated, and at some point, I would like to get rid of it all.  For now, though, I plan to eliminate the carpet on the stairs, refinish the wood, and probably lay some treads.  At the same time, I am going to repaint and redecorate the entryway.

3 (!) Bedrooms

So, this was somewhat precipitated by my previous news.  We have 4 bedrooms on the second story of our house.  At the moment, the second bedroom is a bit of a catch-all/playroom.  The third bedroom is my 2-year olds room, and the fourth bedroom is a guest room.  So…

  1. We are going to move my daughter into the second bedroom.  It is larger than the room she is currently in.  Therefore, it will be able to double a bit as a bedroom and a playroom.  
  2. Once we get my daughter moved into her new room, we will be redoing the third bedroom.  We chose the third bedroom as her room initially because we really felt like it was the best room for a nursery.  And we still feel that way.  So, the nursery it stays.  We won’t know gender until May, but we will be redecorating no matter what.
  3. This is where I may be getting a bit ambitious, but I’d also like to give the guest room a fresh coat of paint.  Nothing major, but it desperately needs it.  When we first moved in 5 years ago, this room was my husband’s “man-cave.”  My husband received both his masters and his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, and let’s just say the walls of this room reflect the school colors…

So, there you have it.  That is my list of projects over the next few months. I’m sure there will be plenty of smaller projects along the way, but those are the bigger transformations that we have on the docket.

Here’s to hoping that I have the energy to complete them all!


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  1. You absolutely do NOT sound ungrateful! You know how valuable those gifts have been to your fledgling family and have used them for longer than a lot of people would. I highly doubt that your family expected you to grow old with their gifts!

    With that said, all the very best to you on all the excitement coming your way!

    1. Aw, thanks so much for the comment! It makes me feel better that it doesn’t come across that way. And thank you for the well-wishes! We’re very excited, but I have many of the same nerves that I did with my first. It will certainly be an adventure. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s hard to come up with original announcement ideas anymore. I’m hoping to get the closet transformation up in the next couple of weeks. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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