Hey there, friend!  I’m so glad you are here!  

My name is Amy.

I love cooking and baking, music, home DIYS, clean living, and reading.

I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty health conscious person, but the cancer diagnosis and recovery has stirred up a real passion in me for healthy living.  And that’s how the blog was reborn.

Now, you will find everything from healthy recipes to home DIYs to book recommendations, with an emphasis on thriving, and living your best life, after cancer.  I hope you find some inspiration and understanding here.

I originally started this blog a number of years ago as a creative outlet.  I was a professional (classical) pianist turned stay-at-home mom after my daughter was born.  After being home for a couple of years, I was desperate for some sort of creative outlet.  Not yet ready to commit to going back to work, I decided to start a blog.

The first few years of the blog was mostly my home DIYs, crafts, and decor.  I loved being able to create and fix my home up at the same time.

In February of 2021, though, a cancer diagnosis turned my world upside down.  With two small children at home, I knew that things needed to change.  I had always believed that we led a pretty healthy lifestyle, but cancer really highlighted my shortcomings.

There is a quote that says, “You cannot get well within the same environment that made you sick.”  I’m not sure who originally stated that, but I believe it’s true.  Very shortly after I was diagnosed, I started examining what wasn’t working in my life, and I set out to change it.

I immediately changed my diet and threw myself into clean living.  I also started meditating, praying more, doing breath work, and exercising regularly.  And surprisingly (or maybe not), I have truly found a passion. 

Healthy cooking and baking have become such a joy for me.  (I’ve always loved to bake, but have never really been thrilled about cooking.  NOW, I’m thoroughly loving both.)  I am also enjoying testing out and discovering cleaner self-care products, home products, and cleaners.

Cancer can be very isolating, especially once you’ve been declared NED (no evidence of disease).  People descend on you when you are ill to offer tons of help, support, and love.  But, eventually, most people move on and go on with their lives as before.  As a cancer patient, though, life will never again be like it was “before.”  

That’s why I decided to change the direction of my blog.  To help others out there, who may be facing the same thing.  Those who are seeking comfort, help, guidance, and empathy.  If I can help even just one other person on this journey, it will be worth it.