Farmhouse Chandeliers For Any Budget

Light fixtures can make such a statement in your home.  They are a great focal point in any room and can instantly give visitors a sense of your own personal style.  Farmhouse style has been trending for quite a while now and shows no signs of fading anytime soon.  So, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

I never really realized how much fun lighting could be until we moved into our new house last year.  I had replaced some flush fixtures at our old house, but never really gave it much thought.

Our new house is so open and so spacious, that there is plenty of room for statement making light fixtures.  When we moved in, though, pretty much all of the lighting was out of date and/or not my style.  So, I set about replacing light fixtures.  

At this point, I have replaced most of the light fixtures in the house, and I now need to start replacing all of the out of date ceiling fans.  Whomp whomp.  About half of the rooms in our house have ceiling fans, as they are pretty necessary here in the mid-South to keep the heat and humidity at bay.  But that’s another post entirely.

Back to the subject at hand.  

After replacing around 6 light fixtures at my house, ranging from small, flush fixtures to larger chandeliers, I realized that almost all of them could fall under the category of farmhouse.  While my style is definitely not full blown farmhouse, I do like to incorporate farmhouse elements throughout my decor.  

Since I have had so much fun with lighting recently, I decided to do a round up of farmhouse chandeliers for every budget.  You don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to afford a stunning farmhouse chandelier.  

In each photo below, I have found a budget option (#1), and mid-range option (#2), and a splurge option (#3), in case you’re feeling fancy.  😉 

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Farmhouse Chandeliers

1. Wagon Wheel Chandeliers

Wagon wheel chandeliers just scream farmhouse.  The name alone evokes images of rustic barns and farm fields.  Wagon wheel chandeliers are a great choice as a farmhouse chandelier, as they are classic enough to stand the test of time, yet are true to farmhouse style.  We chose a chandelier similar to #1 pictured below for above our kitchen table, and we absolutely love it!

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

  1. Budget – MELUCEE 6-Light Glass Chandelier
  2. Mid-range – 12-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier
  3. Splurge – Wagon Wheel Chandelier – Rustic – 7 Lanterns


2. Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers are a bit trendier, but still give the rustic feel of farmhouse style.  They are a great way to add a bit of flair to your decor and make a nice, yet subtle, statement in any room.  Drum chandeliers are also great options for an outdoor space, like the front porch.

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

  1. Budget – Edvivi Aludra 4-Light Round | Industrial Lighting
  2. Mid-range – Progress Lighting, Gulliver Four-Light Pendant
  3. Splurge – Patrice Drum Outdoor Chandelier Lighting


3. Beaded Chandeliers

I don’t think anyone can think about farmhouse chandeliers without picturing a beaded chandelier.  These have recently become somewhat synonymous with farmhouse style, and they are popping up everywhere.  They are gorgeous, unique, and generally very neutral.  So, they compliment pretty much any and all decor.  I’m not sure how long this trend will stick around, but the great thing is that light fixtures are easy to change.  And this is one trend that is definitely worth it!

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

  1. Budget – Wood Beaded Chandelier Ceiling Pendant 3-Light Fixture
  2. Mid-range – Metal Chandelier with Draped Wood Beads
  3. Splurge – Creative Co-Op Wash Metal and White Wood Beads Chandelier


4. Geometric Chandeliers

Geometric chandeliers offer an incredibly wide variety of styles.  They can be as funky or as traditional as you want.  They are a nice addition to a space without detracting too much attention.  We chose a chandelier similar to #2 pictured below (same shape, but more rustic finishes) for our entryway.  It’s a great, classic fixture with just enough farmhouse style.

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

  1. Budget – Edvivi 4-Light Geometric Chandelier
  2. Mid-range – Large Lantern Candle-Style Chandelier Pendant
  3. Splurge – Kichler Downtown Deco Chandelier


5. Classic Chandeliers

Finally, we can’t forget the farmhouse take on a classic chandelier.  This is absolutely the kind of style that I love – a twist on a classic.  That’s my jam, right there.  And I love all of these classic farmhouse chandeliers.  We chose a chandelier similar to #2 for our dining room, and I am in love with it.  It has some dripping wooden beads, an antiqued bronze finish, with the scroll-y classic shape.  This is an awesome way to introduce some farmhouse style into your house, but also know that the fixture will have some long term staying power.

Here, I have rounded up a selection of farmhouse chandeliers for any budget.

  1. Budget – Rustic Wrought Iron Chandelier, 5-Light
  2. Mid-range – Antique Handmade Wood Chandelier
  3. Splurge – Crystorama Crystal Accents Six Light Chandelier


So, what do you think?  Which style is your favorite?  Do you have any farmhouse chandeliers in your own home?

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