Cheap Home Decor & How to Find It

Decorating your home does not need to be expensive and can easily be done on a budget.  My entire house is full of cheap home decor, but you would probably never guess it.  Read on to find out where I find all of my cheap home decor.

A guide on where and how to find cheap home decor.

I love decorating my house and making sure that it is a haven for my family.  Home decor can be expensive, though, and I am a bit of a penny pincher.  Over the years, I have discovered a number of ways to find cheap home decor, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Some of these ideas may take just a little bit more work on your part, but personally, I think it is entirely worth it.  Also, some of these ideas may not work if you have something very specific that you are looking for.  If you are like me, though, and are often just looking for general decor, then you won’t want to miss this.

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1. End of Season Sales

This is probably my absolute favorite way to find cheap home decor.  It takes a little a patience, and you have to be willing to buy things after the season has already passed.  However, I believe it is completely worth the wait.

My favorite end of season sales are Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and At Home.  I always keep my eye on their websites, or emails, when a particular season starts winding down, so I don’t miss the sales. 

For instance, Hobby Lobby generally starts a seasonal line at 40% off, then will move to 50% off during the season.  If you wait until after the season ends, however, they will drop their seasonal lines to 66% off, and then 80% off!  I rarely shop seasonal decor until it hits 66% off and beyond.  

Sales have been happening a bit later this year (due to the pandemic, I imagine), and spring clearance is happening right now!  Hobby Lobby’s spring line is at 66% right now and will probably drop to 80% in the next couple of weeks.  At Home hasn’t even started their spring clearance yet, so you still have time to get in on these amazing sales.

Here are some of the things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks at the spring clearances.

A guide on where and how to find cheap home decor.

The most expensive item in this photo was the metal hanging bell, which cost $7.50.  Most of what is pictured was less than $5, and the small items/craft items were only $1-2.   

2. Estate Sales

Another one of my favorite ways to find cheap home decor is by shopping estate sales.  This one takes a little more time and patience, and it can be hit or miss as far as what you may find.  But you can definitely score big time when you find a good sale.

Estatesales.net is where I find upcoming estate sales in my area.  Most estate sales will offer discounts towards the end of the sale.  Many of them will offer 50% off all items on the last day, and many companies are willing to haggle and/or cut you great deals.

I generally shop on the last day of the sale, in order to get the biggest discount.  The sale will be somewhat picked over at that point, but I have scored some amazing things for practically nothing.

Here are some of my most recent estate sale finds.

A guide on where and how to find cheap home decor.

The two most expensive items in this photo were the basket and the 3 hanging picture frames, both of which cost me $2.  Yep, you read that right – $2.  Everything else was less than that.  I actually purchased the blue pot along with 7 other terra cotta pots of various sizes, and the whole lot of 8 flower pots cost me a grand total of $2.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another great place to find affordable items.  I generally use Facebook Marketplace to search for larger decor items and furniture pieces.  You can find just about anything, though.  

It’s much like craigslist, in that, it is generally face to face local exchanges or porch pickups.  I find Marketplace to be way more active than craigslist, though – at least, in my area it is.  So, there is typically way more selection when shopping on Marketplace than there is on craigslist.

4. Facebook Resale Groups

So, I am a little behind the times here, as I just discovered these recently, but there are so many different resale groups on facebook.  (Thank you to my awesome next door neighbor for introducing me!)  

Just go the search bar on facebook, type in “resale groups” plus your specific city, and a whole list should come up for you.  In my area alone, there are general resale groups, baby and kid resale groups, vintage resale groups, furniture and decor resale groups, and even FREE resale groups (as in everything posted is free).  

Again, these operate like craigslist or FB marketplace with face to face meetings, or porch pickups.  It’s a great way to narrow your search and find more specific items you may be looking for.

5. Store Credit Card or Rewards Programs

At many stores, if you sign up for their credit card, they will send you discounts and promotional offers throughout the year.  Some stores also have rewards programs that work much the same, but don’t require the credit card.

Kohl’s is one of my favorite department stores to shop at because the deals are so amazing. I have a Kohl’s charge card, which means I get all of the coupons and deals that Kohl’s offers throughout the year.  The great thing about Kohl’s, though, is that you can use the coupons regardless of whether you use their credit card or not.

I am also a member of the Yes2You rewards program at Kohl’s.  This program earns you points for every dollar spent, which is then converted to cash for you to use at Kohl’s.  You do not have to have a Kohl’s charge card to be a member of their rewards program.

Kohl’s generally has a good selection of clearance items at all times, and you can typically use a coupon on top of clearance prices.  Kohl’s also often runs Kohl’s Cash specials, where you earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend in store.  So, they are essentially paying you to come back.  Can’t beat that!

I buy a lot of my clothes and shoes on clearance at Kohl’s, but they also have a decent selection of home decor.  

Here is my most recent (decor/craft) find from just a couple of weeks ago.

A guide on where and how to find cheap home decor.

I found these fairy lights on sale for $6.99, originally $19.99, plus I had a 25% off coupon.  So, they rang up at $5.24 each.  That means, I got all 3 of these for less than the price of 1.

6. Garage Sales

Garage sales are another great way to find cheap home decor.  Like estate sales, they take a bit more work, but the prices often make it worth it.  

Personally, I prefer estate sales over garage sales, as estate sales tend to be bigger with more selection.  However, you can almost always find home decor at garage sales, and many people are very willing to negotiate prices, as they simply want to get rid of excess stuff.

My mom is a master garage saler, so I have grown up watching her score all sorts of amazing things for practically nothing.  You just have to have patience and a good eye.

7. Subscription E-mails

This is probably the option that I use the least, but it is still a valid way to find some deals.  Many websites, as well as brick and mortar stores, will send you coupons and promotions if you sign up for their email list.  

Websites, like Wayfair, will send you coupons via email that you can use for online shopping.  Brick and mortar stores, like Michael’s, will send coupons via email, plus they will alert you to ongoing sales in the store.  

So, while I don’t like to have too many emails cluttering up my inbox, some of these subscriptions are definitely worth it for the bargains.


Well, I hope this has helped give you an idea of where you can find some amazing deals on home decor and proven that you don’t have to have deep pockets to have a beautifully decorated home.  

Where are you favorite places to find deals?


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  1. Thanks for the tip on facebook resale groups. I’m going to look up my area tonight! I used to find tons of stuff at Hobby Lobby for 66% and 80% off, but we moved and the closest one is quite a drive away ~ sad face.

    1. Oh, no! It stinks that there is no Hobby Lobby nearby. You could always catch the sales online. Is there a Michael’s near you? They always have good seasonal clearance sales. 🙂 Have fun with the FB groups. I hope you find some good ones!

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